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Web Marketing

Marketing Analysis

Get the information before you spend the money. Period.

For one small fee unlock answers that would otherwise cost you days of research. Get pinpoint details on your online competetors on so many levels youll be like a child a christmas with the data.

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Organic Search Marketing

Naturally Hit the first page of all your categories.

A quality inbound and outbound linking program is a necessity to your web site in order to achieve top organic (free search) rankings. This sends your web site to the top of the search engine rankings and often lowers your online marketing budget for keyword buys.

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Search Engine Placement

Strategic Web Placement Program

A strong combination of Website Optimization, and Strategic Web Marketing Can help boost you to the first page of all search engines. We investigate your competition and industry to see what is working for other companies, then help you implement those findings to your website. Are methids are private and will give you more information when you call.

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The ALL-TIME Web Marketing Program.

This is a strategic and aggressive marketing strategy designed to give you fast and long-lasting positioning. Search engine optimization gives you long-lasting visibility and pay per click ads give you immediate, measurable results. We combine SEO, & email marketing to drive maximum traffic.


RPC is your fast track to success.
What is involved? Keyword Research and Selection, PPC Campaign Management, SEO Services, Search Engine Submissions, Strategic Linking, Tracking and Fine Tuning, Regular Reporting, Email Marketing Campaigns

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Viral Marketing

Flood them with your information.

With online viral marketing customers are pulling themselves in the door rather than you pushing them through it. The key is creative engaging content that can be forwarded from one individual to another. Our extensive flash animations and video presentations have been used to develop online viral marketing programs.

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Website Optimization

Get your site tailored for your marketing campaign.

SEO is the process of improving your website's ability to interact with search engines. It involves changes to your site's content and code as well as external factors including cultivating the quality of links pointing to your site. Web page optimization can also be applied to your pay per click landing pages. Search engines like Google look at your landing pages to develop a quality score. The higher your quality score - the lower your cost per click

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Pay Per Click

When you have the money. You can be on top.

In conjunction with search engine optimization, buying keywords related to your web site is crucial. This immediately drives qualified leads to your web site with the ability to convert these leads to sales and track the effectiveness.PGM Integrated has a proven track record in effective online keyword analysis, program setup and execution.

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Email Marketing

Send Elegant HTML/Graphic Emails to your clients.

There are new methods of tracking your emails in which you can track who has viewed your email, forwarded your email, clicked on your displayed link and how many times. This allows you to gauge interest and follow up with personal interaction. From concept to execution PGM Integrated can make email marketing effective for you.

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Marketing Management

Spend time on your business. Let Pro's Manage your Marketing.

Don't have time to market your business online? Let us do it for you. Spend time with your fmaily, and perfecting your business. Nothing is better than having a proffesional developer maintain your online marketing campaign.

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